Saturday, August 13, 2011

What a lovely tea ...

... I had tonight. And not only cooked with my own fair hands but grown with them too, for everything that you see came from out of my garden. I used my own herbs as well, but as for onions and garlic, I used shop-bought stuff because I had them and they need using. There's no reason not to use my own though.

But it's all exciting, isn't it? Starting on the harvest of crops out of my garden. But I'm having a struggle to find them as the weeds have gone berserk I wish I had time to do the weeding.

This afternoon anyway, after another morning session on the computer, I restarted at last on the pointing of the end wall. Regular readers may recall that I started this at the beginning of last summer but doing my barn roof and then Lieneke's roof, followed by my trip to Labrador put an end to my progress. And with having to empty the apartment in Brussels and make it ready for sale (which included clearing out the barn and the lean-to so that I can store everything in there), that took up most of the summer so far.

I want to get one side of the wall finished before I go back to Canada because when I come back, I want to put the wind turbine up there. Seeing how the anenometer is doing up there - about 3 times the wind down at ground level, I might even have enough wind to get the turbine to work.

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  1. I hope you washed those spuds before cooking them!