Friday, August 5, 2011

Having waxed so lyrical ...

... about the surprising people who follow this garbage, it's only fair that I comment that there are, would you believe, some people who don't actually follow it. Yes, this afternoon while I was working outside, Simon turned up in his van
"I was just passing by so I thought I'd drop by to help you unload the oil tank".

Yes, if he had seen Tuesday's entry, he would have known ...

But while we are on the subject of oil tanks, I may well soon have another. Ann, who sometimes reads this rubbish, saw that I had been given Simon's, and she wondered if I would like hers as well. "What are you going to do with them?" I hear you ask. That is simple. One will be at the top of the bank and the other one will be at the bottom. They will be connected b a pipe with a series of filters in line, and the idea will be to tip used waste oil into the top tank, let it settle for a while, and then run it through the filters into the bottom tank. With the reasonably-clean waste oil, I can then refine it.

And so with being up fairly early this morning I had a good day outside. I've finished the shelving (well, as far as I can until I can sort out some more wood) and I've moved the paint from out of the barn into this little room. There will be lots of other stuff to follow it and that will give me the space to tidy things a little. I've already sorted out the plumbing stuff, and that makes a difference.

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