Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I had another early start this morning.

I don't know why - but I was downstairs making breakfast when the alarm went off at 08:15. What's going on there, then? It's not like me.

And so this morning I packed everything up ready for going to Paris on the train tomorrow evening. The suitcase is all done - it just remains now to do my backpack and to sort out the camera and one or two other bits and pieces.

I've also printed off a pile of stuff that I needed to print - the radio stuff and also my rail tickets and so on. even menaged to find the time to plant some winter cabbage. But talking of the garden - I planted some endives a couple of weeks ago when I pulled up the new potatoes, and covered the plot with a black plastic bin liner. When I lifted it off today, much of it had sprouted. That was good. Mind you, despite how warm it was today, the temperature last night dropped to about 9 degrees - the lowest so far this summer. Autumn is acumen in. Lhude sing the falling leaves.

Round at Liz's we prepared our radio programmes for tomorrow and Liz cooked a nice tea. we also weighted my suitcase - 3kgs overloaded. I'll have to do some trimming down of what I'm taking.

Now I'm back here chilling out. The next news that you have of me won't be from here, that's for sure.

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