Monday, August 29, 2011

It was Sunday today

And so following the principle of "on the seventh day", I had a nice long lie-in and for most of the day I haven't done a tap.

This morning I've managed to finish a book that I've been reading and then I went to track down some more stuff that I need to take with me to Canada. I want to have my packing finished by tomorrow afternoon.

This afternoon I transcribed the rest of my notes from Canada 2010. You might remember that the dictaphone that I had broke down in the USA. That one recorded on either 1.2 or 2.4 ips but I have an ancient one here that records on 1.8 ips and so I've managed to trascribe the notes from that, even though I do sound rather like Donald Duck on it.

I've recorded a few more CDs to take with me - some Help Yourself, some Lindisfarne and finally (because I won't be doing any more) Live in the City of Light by Simple Minds.

None of these were difficult choices. Help Yourself I first encountered on Man's "All Good Clean Fun" Tour and Help Yourself's subsequent classic
Good Clean Fun has passed our way and gone
But we're glad that we have met someone
With a little bit of funk and soul
Man we're glad we know you!
And not only that, if you are fed up of lead guitar solos where the guitarist plays a million notes so quickly that you can't hear what he's playing, then have a listen to the lead guitar solo on "Reaffirmation". THAT's how you play a guitar solo.

Lindisfarne were of course the first serious group I ever saw live, Christmas 1971 at "Up the Junction" in Crewe. I was 17, my girlfriend at the time was nearly 15 and as it was a private members' club, we borrowed the membership cards of my sister and her husband to get in. That was the night that the rest of the band left Jacka on the stage to play the harmonica solo in "We Can Swing Together" while they dashed off to the pub across the road. At 10:30 the club locked its doors as it was required to do by law, and when the band came back 2 minutes later they couldn't get back in. They had to bang on the door for 15 minutes before someone would let them back in and poor Jacka was exhausted - the longest gobiron solo in the history of the planet.

As for LIve in the City of Light, I had to go to Germany for a wwk and my car was in the garage so I was obliged to borrow one of a colleague. I didn't have half my stuff with me, and the only music in the car was "Live in the City of Light". If it had been most albums, it would have bored me to tears after a day, but not that. In fact it's never been off my playlist ever since.

So that's about 50 albums recorded. No matter what happens, I'm not going to be short of music in Canada.

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