Sunday, August 28, 2011

I've found a really interesting ...

... plastic bag to wrap all of my tools and electrical bits into when I put them into my suitcase. And I'd love to have a remote camera in there to take a photo of the face of the security guard when he opens it. No sense of humour, these people. Am I the only one to notice that all of the humour and levity seem to have gone out of life these day?

But not to worry. I've also put a protractor, a set square, a set of logarithm tables and so in inside the suitcase. They are in a plastic bag labelled "Weapons of Maths Instruction".

OK - I'll get my coat.

And so it's Saturday. And just for a change, I haven't been shopping. There's nothing I need to buy before I set off from here on Tuesday to go to Paris. And so I had a very leisurely breakfast - interrupted from my reverie by a large Ford Transit that came bouncing down the track here. "What does Simon want at this time of the morning?" I uttered. But a second glance revealed that the vehicle had French plates. "Is Terry back already?". But no, it's the baker in a different vehicle delivering the bread. That livened up the day.

So now wide awake and shipshape, I started to pack. Bill has lent me a big suitcase and Strawberry Moose fits nicely into it. Then, I've fitted all of the tools in there, some of the electrical stuff and also the slow cooker. Now I need to fit the rest of the electrical stuff, all of the paperwork and some clothes in there too. I've also sorted out some clothes to take - all colour coded and with logos on. I'm into colour-coding and corporate clothing and all of that stuff.

This afternoon I finished off the pointing on the wall - at least all that it's feasible to do right now until I take off the rest of the corrugated iron roof. And I've also taken down the ladder and fitted a couple of tarps over the bit where there's no roof, as a temporary measure while I'm in Canada.

Considering it's Saturday, I've been extremely busy today and I'll be glad to have a decent lie-in tomorrow - I've earned it.

Tomorrow if the weather is nice, it's the Virlet brocante - one of the best in the area and I'll go for a look around. I also have to plant some winter lettuce and cabbage and there's some post to deal with - a few letters, two things to proof-read (one for Dave and one for Rhys) and half-a-dozen e-mails to reply to. When I've done that I can knock off because that will be everything that needed doing before I leave.

What? Up to date? Me? Perish the thought.

And in other news, at weekend I usually allow myself a handful of sweets. So this weekend I've finished the last of the root beer flavoursed sweets because next weekend I can buy some more. They are only on sale in North America.

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