Saturday, August 27, 2011

I was up early again thei morning ...

... at about 08:30 in fact, even though it wasn't until 04:30 that I went to bed.

Mind you, no-one could sleep with the amount of raid that was cascading down, and the noise that it was making. By the time that I had made my coffee, I reckoned that it was about 8 hours since I had taken the stats, and in that time 27.2mm of rain had fallen. And by the end of the day, we had had over 37mm all told. It never stopped raining and it was as grey as any November or February day that you might mention.

No possibility of working outside and so I started to collect together the tools that I'm taking to Canada. That led to something of a (very insignificant) tidying up on the first floor, and then a much-more-important tidying up up here and finding bits of paper.

But we did have a tragedy though. Do you remember the other week about the impressive media wall that I had built? Well, while I was sitting here drinking a coffee, the whole lot crashed to the floor and there were video cassettes and DVDs all over the place. Talk about chaos.

This afternoon was spent therefore cleaning a load of old bricks, finding lengths of wood and then making some shelves. You can see them in the photo - a nice cantilever arrangement at the top as well. That all works quite well and I hope that it lasts until I've done the ground floor of the house, whenever that might be.

I was also interrupted - and very welcome interruptions they were too - by a series of phone calls. Dave from Hexham rang me and we talked about all kinds of things, including that he plans to come down here later this year and teach me plumbing. That ought to be exciting but I think that he'll be plumbing the depths a little just there. I'll definitely be out of my depth anyway.

Also ringing up for a chat were Bill and Percy Penguin. And that was nice too - I like talking as you know, and of course Percy Penguin isn't mentioned in these pages half as often as she deserves to be.

I've also started copying some CDs to take with me to play in the hire car. I've done three just now, and having read this blog quite often just recently I bet that you can guess what they are.

Yes, Colosseum Live, Made In Japan and Liege And Lief. Say no more. It just happens that I'm listening to Made in Japan right now.

And it's still raining as well.

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  1. I just made a CD of Gregorian chant, which is quite pleasant in the car.