Friday, August 26, 2011

Well, what a day!

And I had so much to do as well and I've ended up not doing very much.

Working unti 04:30 was one thing but another thing was being dragged out of the bed almst t the crack of dawn (well, 9:50, anyway) by the phone. Of all people, it wss the bank. Could I go down there?

That was eerie but what followed was certainly different. It appears that there has been some confusion at the bank, a sum of money hadn't been paid, and a girl due to fly out to Canada on Saturday didn't have any of the paperwork necessary. And so until about 12:45 I was engaged in negotiations down in Pionsat.

Back at the ranch, I then had to make a few telephone calls to Canada, and thanks to Katherine for giving me some help as to who to call. All in all, I was involved in this for hours.

Having said that, though, I was flattered that the bank had called me in to help. It's definitely a sign of progress.

And what else? I now have some web pages in French for my business web site, thanks to Marianne who made a few corrections to my text, I've almost finished this battery box idea thing, I've a proof of no-claims bonus for my Canadian car insurance, I've my train tickets, I've booked a motel in Montreal for the first night, I've rented some storage space in Montreal - ooooh, lots of things.

What with the late finish, the early start and all of the excitement I'm whacked so I'm off to bed. To listen to the wind in the trees as a strong wind has started up. It's a beautiful breeze blowing through here.

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