Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well, I was up early this morning.

We had the most astonishing storm - rain coming down in torrents. And as I was lying in bed listening to it, it suddenly occurred to me that I might have left Caliburn's doors open.

That made me move quite sharp-ish, I can tell you, and I was downstairs in no time flat. In vain though - I had closed them. But seeing as I was up, I made breakfast. And watching the rain fall was also astonishing. There's a digital electric rain gauge outside, with a remote sender in the verandah, and the water level rose from 0.7mm to 4.5mm in the tine that it took to make a coffee. No wonder I was drenched just running to Caliburn.

This morning on the computer, I translated into French the work that I had done on my business web site. Quebec and a small part of New Brunswick are very partisan about their right to speak the French language, and so two can play at that game as well. After all, I need the work and I'm not going there simply for the good of my health. I intend to take Canada by storm! Rather like the storm this morning.

I've also done the first half of the second series of programmes for Radio Anglais. That will be the programmes for October. I won't have the opportunity to do anything like that while I'm in Canada so it needs to be done before I go.

This afternoon, in view of the weather, I made a start on assembling the control box for the battery that I will be buying in Canada. It has the two connectors of course, an American plug of the type that I use for 12 volt, and a cigarette lighter multiple socket, into which Ill be fitting one of the two small inverters that I bought in Clarenville in Newfoundland last year. That's for charging up the laptop, working the slow cooker, etc etc.

However it dried up for a while and so I went up the wall. Ive finished the pointing right into the apex, and now I'm on my way down a little, stretching over to the other side and that's not easy up there like that. Anyway, Ive reached my target with a few days to spare and Im pleased about that.

But just as I moved all of the food out of the verandah into the lean-to because it was all far too hot, that really IS the signal for the weather to break.

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