Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I was fed up this morning.

Well, I've been fed up for a few weeks actually about the question of food storage and what put the tin hat on it was on Monday when some tinned vegetables in an airtight container in the fridge had gone off, after just 3 days. And then a tin of beans came out of the tin already cooked. This morning though, a carton of soya milk had also gone off - after just three days as well.

I know that the fridge that I have isn't up to much and a new one is very much on the agenda, but the temperature in the verandah isn't helping. It's been over a week that we have had temperatures well over 50°C in there and there aren't too many fridges that would cope with that.

And so late this afternoon I moved some of the boxes in the lean-to, made some space, and moved the food cupboard and the fridge into there. That gave me an opportunity to clean the fridge and the cupboard, to sort out the food and bin a lot of time-expired stuff, and to do something about the state of the verandah because where the cupboard had been was ... errrr ... rather in need of cleaning.

But I hope that in the lean-to, everything will keep cooler during the rest of the summer. The temperature in there only reaches about 28°C maximum.

This morning I started work on my business web site. It's something of a mess because I've neglected it for so long, and so it's high time that I bring it up to date, especially as I'm going to be plugging myself quite a bit in Canada. But it might well take more time that I have available as I can see me running out of time yet again.

I also had to nip into Pionsat. The guy in the mairie had found some information for Radio Anglais and I have to do that as well. I also saw Mike and Simon - Mike helped me load his old oil tank into the back of Caliburn and to unload it back at this end. And it isn't exactly the same as Simon's - it's larger and so it wouldn't fit fully into Caliburn. In the end I had two of the legs balanced on the back bumper and held in with a strap.

What a way to go! I thought I'd grown out of doing crazy stunts like that.

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