Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It was 09:30 ...

... this morning when I was burned out of bed by the heat. It's quite astonishing just now, all of this. It was only a week or so ago that I was complaining about the cold weather.

Anyway, I've finished the web pages for the Nova Scotia Museum of Industry and they are on line. And well-worth a read too because I managed to blag my way in to see the world's most controversial railway engine. But that's all the web site stuff that I'm doing now until I go back next week - is it really only a week away?

The web pages took me nicely to lunch and I actually managed to find a decent tomato in the megacloche. How nice that was as well. Afterwards I was back up the ladder again. It's now right into the apex of the roof - I can see over the roof line - and sfter today's exertions there's not all that much more to do up there. I'm out tomorrow afternoon so I'll finish it off on Wednesday.

A short while after working in the garden I went for my solar shower. And a max temperature of an astonishing 60.5°:C was recorded. But don't get carried away by that - I forgot to fill it yesterday and so the temperature sender was reading the air temperature. 41°C was much more like it.

Tonmorrow I have to go to the mairie at Pionsat for some stuff for Radio Anglais. And then, I have to pick up another oil tank. This will be the "before" for the used cooking oil. I'll also make up the leads for the batteries over in Canada.

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