Monday, August 22, 2011

Well I was right ...

... about the heatwave. It burned me out of bed this morning at 09:45. And on a Sunday too! Whatever next?

But I put my early rising to good use by cracking on with a new series of radio programmes. I managed to find some information on the Regional Parliament at Clermont Ferrand, and so I spent all morning doing that.

After lunch I worked on the Radio Anglais blog and brought it up to date as far as I can - there are a couple of programmes missing and I shall have to find them if I can.

Once I finished that, I changed the habits of a lifetime and did some work. It started off as grovelling around looking for some battery terminals and ended up as something of a sort-out. I've found quite a bit of stuff that I had mislaid and eventually I did discover some terminals. Tomorrow evening I can make up some kind of connection system for a secondary battery.

In the solar water heater the temperature reached 45&176;C and I had to wait until about 19:30 until the water had cooled down enough for a shower, if 14°C can be called cool.

I've also tried my hand at jam-making with some blackberries off the brambles. But I dunno whether I've put too much sugar in it but it seems to have transformed itself into toffee. Ahh well - I'll just have to practise more.

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