Sunday, August 21, 2011

So having found my camera ...

... I can post photos again.

This is not Thursday night's photo but Friday night's, where you can see how high I am up the wall here. Not much more to do on the rear side of this wall now and I'm hoping that it will be finished long before next weekend. It would be nice to have it done before I go to Canada.

This morning the heat drove me out of bed fairly early and so I've been tidying again. I'm not sure how it is that I can make this place so untidy so quickly.

At lunchtime I went to Commentry but didn't buy anything worthwhile except some new AA and AAA batteries to take with me to Canada. But I did hear on the news that here in the Puy-de-Dome we are on "Red Alert" for la canicule - the heatwave. And that's not surprising.

In the pool at Neris, everyone else must have heard about la canicule because there were more people in the water there than there were in the water after the sinking of the Titanic. You could hardly move. But in something of a susprise, the lifeguard came over to talk to me about solar panels. Either he had seen Caliburn, of else the advertising on the side of my holdall. I always take that down to the pool and leave it with the advertising facing the people in the water. I can't emphasise enough - the three steps to a successful business are "advertising", "advertising" and "advertising".

The water in the solar shower was 45°C when I returned home. The 12-volt immersion heater was at 57°C and so even though it was late, I did another load of washing. I reckon that one more load of washing just before I go away and that will be me organised.

But it ain't 'arf 'ot, mum.

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