Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I've finished ...

... my Halifax pages. You can read them here and find out why I think that Halifax is the most beautiful and interesting city in the whole of North America. You can always add your comments on this blog and let me know your opinion of the place. I'd go and live there if I had the chance.

Anyway, that took most of the day, but I wanted to get it all finished. And that's not all I did either. I spent a while on the phone sorting out Terry's windscreen (although we are no further forward) and then getting my French SIM card unblocked. Apparently you can't use it outside the EU (that's why I was having so many issues lst year in Canada) unless you tell them and ask them to unblock it.

My Canadian phone number, that one I've had all of the issues with, is now up and working, and so I've ordered some signs from Vistaprint. They are magnetic and they will fit nicely on this hire car. No harm in a bit of publicity and after all, I'm going there to work. It's not a holiday.

I couldn't get yellow and black, would you believe? That's sad. But I like this layout and even if they are small, they will still stand out, and that's what it's all about after all.

I've also had notification that my money has been paid into my UK bank account for the sale of my apartment and so I've had to send a string of letters (snail mail too) to tell people what to do with it. With the stock market in freefall now is the time to invest before it starts to climb back up.

I also managed a couple of hours tidying in the barn, sorting a few things out and putting more stuff on the shelves that I built the other day.

Tomorrow I'm going to bring the radio blog up-to-date and copy all of my music onto my 8GB memory stick to take with me. I've done it all on to CDs but I reckon that with battery issues with laptops, some non-moving media will be better.

And then I'm going to do some more work on the guttering

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