Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm off to bed in a sec.

And not surprisingly either. I was working on my stuff for Canada and chatting away to Rhys when he announced "you're up late". And indeed I was - 05:15 am. Carried away with work, as well as sleep issues.

And so the best-laid plans etc - they all went gang awa' today. 10:30 when I woke up and after breakfastI attacked the radio blog. It took ages to sort out all the programmes and convert them from *.wav to *.mp3 format, and ages to upload. They still aren't finished either. But once I'd emptied the 8GB data stick I copied a load of music onto it. And it works too, which is surprising, although it takes a while to sort out the directory structure.

This afternoon I've sorted out the guttering on the house and barn yet again. I know what the problem is on the barn, but that's not going to be fixed in 5 minutes. It needs the downspout lowering down by 5cms but that needs a pile of brackets repositioning. But with the improvements that I've made today it may well not overflow. We shall see. I also moved around a few more bits and pieces in my quest to tidy up the barn.

And I forgot to say last night - Rhys reminded me of it - on the way back here from St Gervais last night I was chased along the road by two huge Audi saloons. The road winds around for the most part and is all up and down as well, and surprisingly to some, but not to others. Caliburn outran them for most of the way. Power-on and front-wheel drive into the bends, Caliburn is a match for most things in these sorts of conditions which is not bad at all for a small-engined Ford Transit, although the driver and a set of decent expensive tyres have a lot to do with it. In fact it wasn't until the long straight at La Celette that they managed to pass me. Yes, I'm really lucky to have Caliburn.

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