Thursday, August 11, 2011

I had an earlier night last night.

Yes, I was in bed by 01:00, just for a change. And so I was up at a reasonable time, fighting fit.

I've now reached the other side of Truro on my web site, heading for the industrial museum at Stellartown. I might even arrive there tomorrow if I'm lucky. But this radio web page is giving me a headache. It's taking ages to upload the programmes to my website and I've absolutely no idea why it should be so. It won't be finished any time soon.

This is what I've been doing for part of this afternoon. I've fitted the cheap anenometer to the roof of the house. It wasn't giving me an accurate-enough reading from down on ground level in the garden and I still can't find the data head for the new one.

Now I bet you will all be wondering how I will be changing the batteries in the unit, seeing as they are up there about 40cms above the roof line. Well, that's easy. The unit is fitted to a 38mm pole that's 2.5 metres tall, and that's fastened into a key clamp on the side of the house. I've deliberately set it just outside the window at the top of the stairs outside the door into the attic. To change the batteries, you just slacken off the clamp and the pole slides down the kep clamp, and you lean out of the window to change it.

I've also finished (for now, at least) the guttering on the barn roof outside here. I'm intrigued now to see what will happen when it rains. But it wasn't going to work today though - for the first time for ages we had a glorious summer day.

I hope that it stays like this as well.

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