Monday, September 12, 2011

It's been ages ...

Since I posted anything on here. But that's because I've been out of internet access.

A brief rundown of events so far is that I left Ontreal, drove along the south bank of the St Lawrence as far as Trois Rivieres where I crossed to the North Bank. I spent soe time visiting the town (which is much more beautiful than I ever imagined) and then followed the north bank of the river along Highway 138. The road along the north bank is easily the most beautiful drive in the whole of Canada (as long as you ignore the new bits of highway and follow the old route).

At Les Escoumins I crossed the river again on the ferry and slowly meandered down to take possession of my property, much to the chagrin of the neighbours who were taken completely by surprise.

I now have a Canadian mobile phone (1-506-245-2091) and a Canadian bank account (and no, I'm not going to post the account number) and in a very short while I'll even have a postal address once the authorities register my application for zoning or whatever it is that they call it. Once I have that, I can go ahead and apply for building permits and so on.

Now though, I've taken a few days off and gone visiting friends, Colleen who I met in Labrador last year. I'm moving on shortly though - to Moncton and Princess Autos which is the Canadian equivalent of Machine Mart or Northern Tools, and then to Fredericton where there is a Blues Festival later this week (well, I am on holiday as well).

But there's tone of stuff to do there - I need to see the Heritage Department of the Provincial Government, the New Brunswick Electricity Board, and the New Brunswick Department of Sustainable Development. As well as all that, there's the New Brunswick University, because they have a pilot project for installing medium-sized wind turbines on isolated sites - and of course I have the best and most-isolated site in the Province.

One thing that I need to sort out though is a brush cutter. You've no idea how rampant the vegetation growth has been this year.

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