Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's been drawn to my attention ...

... that I haven't shown any pics of how I have the Dodge arranged inside. I'll have to put that right.
It's a Dodge Grand Caravan and that means that all of the seats fold flat down under the floor. That's why I chose this car, and all the seats went under the floor in the first couple of minutes. There's enough room to have a dance in the back when you do that.

You can firstly see the bed - it's an IKEA kids bed that's about 1:90 long and 90cms wide. It's been cut down to 60cms (it'sw a good job that I brought a saw and a battery drill with me isn't it?) so that it fits in with plenty of room to spare. It's also going to be cut down by length as well to 1:75.

There's a cheap mattress and sheet and pillow, and a cheap double quilt folded in half and stuck in a single quilt cover.

There's an IKEA table that was reduced in the sale to $4:99 (about £3:00), a plant pot (and you all know what that is for - you've been following my adventures for long enough), a galvanised steel bucket and the slow cooker that I bought last year.

Also under the bed is one of these briefcase-type cooking stoves. They are quite cheap but the gas is expensive (when you can find it and that's not always easy) but I don't plan to be getting through a great deal of that. Cookin gis of course done on the table outside, under the raised tailgate.

From the side it's even more exciting. You can see two of the three large boxes that I bought from Canadian Tire. The bottom one has the hardware in it and the top one has the food. The third one is empty and that's for all of the bits and pieces that are lying around the car.

There's a Ryobi battery charger and a couple of batteries (they are half the price here compared to the UK)

The suitcase there actually fits under the bed and thats where it goes at night so there's plenty of room to sleep in there.

The curtains are interesting too - I've strung sone string all around the car and at the back there's a thick fleecy tablecloth that cost $1:25 from the Dollar Store. In the front I hang a fleecy blanket that I bought as a spare. But down the sides I've hung two tarps that  bought and these slide up and down the string like real curtains. There are some large cardboard boxes folded flat up against the side that serve to trap the humidity and give a better feel to the sides.

So there you are. I wish that I had done this when I went to Labrador last year.

As for everything else, I left Colleen's and had a steady drive along the coast of the Bay of Fundy to Moncton and Princess Autos where I spent a fortune - but then a 760-watt digital sine wave inverter with two power outputs and a USB charging port for just $74:90 - who wouldn't?

From there I drove to Fredericton where I'm camped on the Mactaquac Provincial Park's forest campsite. There's wi-fi internet but it's the slowest that I've ever seen - my old dial-up system notwithstanding. But I'm not complaining - it's here and it's free. In fact it's costing me $25 per night to stay here and that's not too bad a deal. There are no motel rooms available at any price in Fredericton with this Jazz and Blues Festival going on. But I have tickets for some events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night so I'm ok.

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