Friday, September 16, 2011

What an excellent night!

I had a thoroughly exciting time at the Festival last night - in the Hoodoo House marquee as it happened. Three olde-worlde blues singers who were totally excellent and followed by the main attraction - an old guy on the mouth organ - "the stalwart of the blues scene in Halifax", a guest guitarist who was the winner of quite a few awards, and their backing band.

The mouth organ was something of a disappointment - it can be an excellent machine when played well in appropriate moments. but there is such a thing as overkill and anyone in the marquee last night will now know all about that. 

In fact, when the mouth-organist stopped playing and left the band to it, they were probably one of the best bands that I have seen for ages and it was worth the admission money to see them on their own. They were tremendous.

Big disappointment though was the weather. The storm that had been threatening broke in spades and some of the venues were flooded out and wind-swept away. A postove side though was meeting Dave and his wife - whose name I have sadly forgotten - from Nottingham originally but now from Fredericton and proud to be here.

Apart from that, I've stocked up with food supplies again and also with books (I found a second-hand bookshop) and I've been to the University here to see a Doctor Chang who does exciting things with wind turbines. He wasn't in so I left my details (but he hasn't got back to me as yet) but if I can get in touch with him I see another few exciting possibilities opening up here. Strangely, Dave from Nottingham has also given me a few alleys to explore and I'll be out there doing that in a moment if I'm not swept away by the wind or washed away by the floods.

I'm glad that I'm in the Dodge, that's for sure.

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