Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well, after all of that ...

... I'm back home. At least I think I am, but I'm not sure because I can't actually see anything. I'm rather overgrown with weeds as it happens.

Not only that, while I was away my famous 12-volt immersion heater seems to have corroded itself through. It was empty and the electrical contacts have overheated and shorted out and that's not done too much good either. Still, it was a nice idea. My next one is going to be a plastic one, I reckon. I hope that that will do better.

But the reason why I haven't been blogging much just now is fourfold.
Firstly, Internet access has been difficult to find while I've been on my travels. That's the penalty that you pay for living rough of course, but you have no idea just how comfortable I was and I don't regret living in the Dodge.
Secondly, fatigue has played a major role in this. There's been more than one night (Montreal, Paris and my first night back home come straight to mind) where I've just crashed out what with all of the exertion.
Thirdly, I've had so much to do as well that I haven't had the time

Fourthly, I ended up for a while without a laptop. Yes, I have two hands, I was carrying three things, and the one that fell was the computer. Luckily it fell on the power plug and while the force broke the socket off the motherboard and pushed it inside, it nevertheless saved the rest of the machine. And eventually someone pointed me in the direction of a weird guy who lives in the mountains and he soldered it all up - so much so that it seems to work better now than it did before.

But that was my adventure. I now have a property there, the deeds are in a safe deposit box in the bank where I opened an account, and all of my camping gear is stashed in a storage unit in Montreal ready for next time.

The flight back was horrendous - I've never known turbulence quite like that before. I'm a bad flyer but there were people more upset than me about what we flew through.

Now I need to transcribe my notes and edit my photos, and then you can see my journey it all its glorious technicolour.

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