Saturday, October 1, 2011

You're probably wondering why ...

... I didn'tblog last night before I went to bed. The truth is that in fact I didn't go to bed. Dunno if it was with crashing out the day before, or all the coffee that I drank, but I was still up at 08:00 and wide awake. So much so that I made myself an early breakfast.

I did crash out on the sofa at about 10:00 but not for long as the phone rang just before midday and it's been ringing for most of the day on and off.

But it's a good job that it rang at 10:00 yesterday - Liz reminding me about our recording session - because had she not done so I would have gone there for 16:30 and not 14:30. But anyway we made it there in good time and my first task on arriving was to fix their computer which had stopped working. After that we recorded our next four programmes.

We are using a different format from now on. We have 15 minutes rather than 10, and the programmes are divided up into four segments -
firstly there are the events
secondly we have the supplementary information - for one week Liz does a recipe, a second week I do a gardening bit, and for the other weeks we discuss useful French phrases.
thirdly we have music - English-speaking songs and such-like
fourthly we have the legislation bit

And it was hot there too - the temperature displayed on the wall on the pharmacy was off the scale - more than 40 degrees  and I could believe that too. We were sweltering.

Liz cooked tea as well which was nice - it'snice being waited on hand and foot every now and again, especially with the delicious food that Liz produces.

This afternoon after I was roused by the telephone I did some more transcribing of my holiday notes and then I dug upmy onions. Such as they are because the crop is something of a disappointment. In fact I have more rogue potatoes than I do onions, and that's sad.

And so I'm off to bed now. It's shopping tomorrow and I've let the stocksrun down a little just recently.

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