Sunday, October 2, 2011

One of the local shops ...

... burnt down last night. It's the one in Ronnet, just a few kilometres from here and is one of those places that does a little of everything.

I was on my way back from swimming and I noticed it. So I made a few enquiries and was told that it happened at 22:00 Friday evening and there is nothing at all left.

That is really sad.

Yes, I've been swimming today. It was another gorgeous day and so I worked on the computer until lunchtime and then went to Commentry. There, LIDL came up trumps with boxes of metal joints for carpentry, a radio-controlled clock with the laser alarm, and a pile of max-min external-internal thermometers that I have been trying to find for ages.

Swimming was fun because even though it was a glorious day, with it being October there were few people in the pool. However there was some Grandad there who had shown his chubby 4-year old grand-daughter how to jump in the deep end of the pool. So we were treated to a non-stop session of the running patter of tiny feet, a loud squeal of delight and then an enormous splash, all the way through the afternoon. Clearly someone was having a whale of a time.

And no footy tonight - nowhere within a reasonable distance. It's the beginning of October too. Whatever is the world coming to?


  1. Nice to see your blog up and running again.

  2. Yes, thanks - but with "travelling" in the Dodge it was very difficult to find internet access.