Monday, October 10, 2011

I had a nightmare ...

... drive out to the footy today. I was hammering Caliburn on through the bends when twice the front end broke right away and I was all over the road and almost off it. I had a look at the tyres and although the front are quite worn they weren't bald by any means but it didn't half slow me down after that.

But a short way further on I found someone else who had been taken unawares and I came to the conclusion that the road must have been awash with diesel for some reason or other.

Mind you, I was lucky to be up in time for the footy and if Percy Penguin hadn't have phoned me at 11:30 I would probably still be in bed now. That was because I was chasing a rodent around my attic at some silly time of the morning. God knows how the thing got in but I can see me having to check the defences again to see if there's a mouse hole anywhere. 

Braving the rain (all 18 mm of it) and the hanging clouds that gave me hardly a moment of solar energy, I went off the St Angel to see the 3rd XI play - or at least, the 1st half of the match. And what a transformation they were from last year. 1-0 up when I left, and they could have had a bagful.

The match at St Angel was so interesting that I ought to have stayed and if it wasn't for the fact that I am now the official press reporter for the 1st XI so it seems, I would have stayed there too for they won at a canter, 3-0, while the 1st XI went down 3-2 to a pretty mediocre Royat side. For once the Pionsat defence was mostly tight and in the right place at the right time for once, except in the left-back position and with a good left-sided defender on the bench, that was the only substitution that the trainer didn't make.

For once though, the attack misfired and it was only a couple of high "route one" balls into the box that gave them the two goals. 

And so back here in the rain again and ready for tomorrow and starting work again. But I still can't get over this weird (lack of) substitution at left back. Franck the trainer has been making a few bizarre decisions lately.

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