Tuesday, October 11, 2011

After another late night last night ...

... I wasn't in too much hurry to raise myself this morning, even though for once I heard all of the various alarms. Mind you, I wish I had hauled myself out earlier as summer has come back. Nice, bright and blue even though the sun is rather watery. And we are promised this weather until at least Sunday, although I've heard all of that before.

I spent the morning working on the football match reports from the weekend. I've done the 3rd XI and the 2nd XI reports, and I'm halfway through the 1st XI report. I'm hoping that I can finish that tomorrow and then turn my attention to the Radio Anglais site and bring that up to date.

After lunch, I made a start on pointing the outside wall of the lean-to at the corner where it's pretty unstable. And I'm not sure that I like what I see there. It's been pointed once but with cement. The cement has not adhered to the stones but to the oldmortar in between. And as the water has infiltrated behind it, due to the absence of roof, the cement has worked loose and fallen out, taking the mortar with it. And that's the root of the problem here. What I've been having to do is to gently pry out the cement, rake out the loose mortar, fill the gaps with stones and then use lime mortar to point between the gaps.

I now have it stable - well, after a fashion, and I put a breeze block in at the upper corner and infilled behind it. That will give me something solid and level to start with so that I can build up from there tomorrow and see how far I can get. But it's all a mess and the only real solution is to knock it all down and start again, and I'm not doing that.     

At the Anglo-French group tonight, Christiane came along - the first time for ages that we have seen her and that was quite nice. Things are picking up.

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