Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And just for a change ...

... I was up at some kind of respectable time. That meant a good morning on the computer and what with the glorious day that we had (summer is back) I put on line the updated Radio Anglais website and also the updated footy website with the matches from the weekend. That's a huge job finished, and finished quite early too. I've even made a start on the Canada 2011 web pages.

This afternoon I went and attacked the wall. The breeze block that I had put in the other day had set nicely so I scavenged around for some decent square-faced stones from where the wall collapsed in 2002. It took ages but I found some really good ones and I slowly started to rebuild the corner. It's a case of cementing two large stones carefully in place at the corner, and then infilling behind them with several layers of stones and liquid lime mortar - building up little by little. Once the infill reaches the height of the corner stones, I can put another layer of corner stones in place and then infill behind them. 

While it's all setting and I'm waiting for it to be dry enough I did some more pointing of the wall.

Anyway, I've now two rows of corner stones in place above the breeze block and if you think that this is slow progress, then you are right but it needs to be slow and precise. The large cross beam that you can see will be sitting on that corner and will be taking the weight of the roof, and also the two sides that meet there will be passing their weight onto it as well. There's not much room for error

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