Thursday, October 13, 2011

I didn't do so well ....

... this morning. Put that down to a 05:00 bedtime and you will understand. I'm having major sleep issues right now.

And so with what was left of the morning I spell-checked all of my Canada notes (and that wasn't a 5-minute job either) and then started on the web pages. There are only about 800 photographs - something of a change from the 2500 of last year. I clearly wasn't working hard enough

This afternoon I carried on with the wall. I put another two rows on that corner and infilled with stones and concrete. That should do the trick. Really, the stones are only the cladding and  it's the concrete that will be taking all of the weight of the beam and the roof.

Another two rows on there tomorrow and I'll be able to put the beam in position. That should be fun on my own seeing ashow heavy it weighs. But once it's there I can build up the rest of the side wall. I must admit that I'm looking forward to doing that and getting it finished.

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