Friday, October 14, 2011

Just for a change ...

... nothing happened today that was any different than the last few days.

I managed an early start for once and spent the morning on the computer. I have all of the photos properly labelled and in some sort of order and so I've been sorting out my notes and putting the correct notes with the correct photos. And that's not as easy as you might think either. I'm ... errr... somewhat disorganised. Anyway I've managed over half of that and if things go according to plan I can finish that tomorrow morning.

This afternoon I was back up the wall again and much of the time spent there was sorting stones so that I can find the best ones to use in the corner. That's not easy either.

But anyway,I've now put the stones in right up to where the beam is going to go,and now I just need to find two stones for the side of the pillar. Once that is done and they are in place I can infill with stones and concrete and then drop the beam in place. And when the beam is in place I can fill in the back wall behind it. That's tomorrow's work anyway.

And you can tell how carried away I was - it was well after 19:00 when I knocked off and that's not like me.

I've also finished the last of Tuesday's courgette and lentil curry. That was a shame as I had been quite enjoying that. It's fun to think of 1001 ways to use up a Combraiiles Courgette.

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