Saturday, October 15, 2011

Winter is on its way

This is just a small part of the huge flock of geese that assembled over my place this afternoon. They had been honking for about an hour and eventually they all put in an appearance right over me, coming in from every direction possible.

They circled around for a while, formed up in a huge echelon, and then departed hence. It wasn't half impressive watching them do all of this and the noise was astonishing. But it is a fact that when they leave they take the sun with them.

And that reminds me - on the TV Monday night we saw the weather and it promised us sun from Wednesday until next Monday. So I don't know where it's all gone too because we haven't had it yet and the temperature has plummeted.

Today was a momentous occasion outside on the wall of the lean-to because the beam is now in place where it ought to be. But it's a bit of a disappointment because it's about 0.5 inch too high in the vertical plane but about 0.5 inch too low under the chevrons. That means that the central beam is about 0.75 inch too high and the end where I'm working. Ahh well.

Still, it's progress I suppose. and from here on, the back-filling is pretty straightforward. It's not going to take too long to finish off now and then I can plan my next step.

But one thing is for sure - it won't happen on Monday as I have a furniture removal to do - to Issoire.

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