Sunday, October 16, 2011

We saw the geese yesterday ...

... but this morning there was a horde of other kinds of bird assembling ready to fly off for the winter,and this is sad. In fact it's more than sad - it's depressing. Autumn is coming to a close already.

And so this morning after my 4 hours sleep (I was still up at 05:39) I was up and breakfasted and then I attacked Canada 2011. 

But not before I had taken a shot of the work that I've been doing. You'll see how much I've built up, and you'll also notice that the beam is in position where it should be. It's all good stuff, make no mistake about this, and it's coming along nicely.

In St Eloy I bumped into Bill and we went for a coffee and a chat to put the world to rights. But in LIDL I also encountered a woman who was discussing things with her 4 year-old son "Do try to contril yourself, Jasper"

Help! We are being invaded by Hooray Henries.

Back here my return was serendaded by the sounds of flute being played in welcome. Yes, it IS that time of the year and Lieneke and the others have turned up. And how well Lieneke looks. She's dropped about 20 kilos over the last year and it really suits her. She's probably losing years as the rest of us are adding them on. 

And no footy again tonight either. whatever am I going to do until tomorrow?

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