Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's a mystery to me ...

... how it is that Pionsat can play so dismally against mid-table opposition in their own division in the league and yet totally demolish a team two divisions higher up when they play in the cup.

Today it was the turn of Nord Combraille to come to Pionsat for a cup match and with the Miners being two divisions higher up, we were expecting something of a struggle. But not so. Pionsat were all over a poor Nord Combraille side and demolished them completely, winning 3-1 at something of a canter. You can read the match report here if you like.

The thing that is probably even more bizarre is that once again in a cup match, Thomas takes the opposition by the scruff of the neck and while his display isn't quite as scintillating as two weeks ago (but then not by all that much either), it was streets ahead of his performance for the 2nd XI (4 divisions below Nord Combraille) last week when it took me almost an hour to realise that he was on the pitch. 

And we had a gorgeous day for it as well. Here I was complaining the other day about the weather and yet for the last two days we've had proper summer days, the kind that you would be pleased to see in August. This weather is certainly bizarre.

Tomorrow I'm furniture removing and then going to the Anglo-French group. But I can't wait to carry on with the house here. I'm getting all keen and enthusiastic and it's not like me these days.

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  1. You're beginning to see the fruits of your labours