Sunday, October 30, 2011

It took just 30 seconds of madness ...

... for Pionsat to throw away a football match this evening. 4-3 up and in the dying minutes of the game against a team 2 Divisions higher up, one of the attackers elects to take the ball down to the corner flag and sit there to waste a minute or two.

But he loses the ball, it's played hurriedly upfield into space deep into the Pionsat half. There's a race on for the loose ball, which is won by a Pionsat defender and, under pressure from two attackers, and after all that I have said and after all that I have written and after all the time that I have been saying and writing, he goes to whack it upfield instead of playing it out into touch to give his fellow defenders time to come back.

His kick is poor as you might expect, and it cannons into the midriff of one of the attackers, and then out into the path of the other who has only Matthieu in goal and that is that. 4-4

From the kick-off, Pionsat lose possession and Clermont go on the attack. The forward is brought down and a quickly-taken free kick is fired into the penalty area and headed home while the Pionsat defence is still trying to organise itself. And Pionsat are out of the cup and thats a shame because this was an excellent match played at high speed and in a good temper - one of the best matches I've seen played here since I've been following the team.

Today was shopping in Clermont and I was off on the wrong foot again as I slept through the alarm and so was 2 hours late going.

And I spent a fortune too. I've all the hydrofuge plasterboarding for the shower room seeing as how it was on offer, and I've bought a wheel for Caliburn. I have two snow tyres that I fit in winter and one of them is on the spare wheel but the other is not on a wheel at all and I have to keep getting it swapped over with one of the summer tyres and that costs me €15 a time. It makes much more sense to pay €65 for a wheel and keep the tyre on it around here like that, and then I can swap the wheels over whenever it suits me to do so.

But I have also spent €279 on a new woodstove for in here. You may recall that I bought a cheap pot-bellied stove for up here and though while it does what it's supposed to do it has a very small capacity and it needs to be filled every 15-20 minutes. What I saw in Mr Bricolage was a more conventional woodstove with a glass front. It's larger and it takes logs of 33cms. and as it burns horizontally and not vertically, then I can stack it up and it should last for quite a long time without reloading.

But that's not the exciting bit. This woodstove has a rear exit for the smoke and the top of it has a lift-up lid, under which is, I suppose, a small top-loading oven about 6 inches or so deep. I'm immediately thinking "pizza", "shepherd's pie", "oven chips with spicy been taco rolls", "baked potatoes and baked beans", "rice pudding" and loads of other things besides.

Yes, when winter bites and I feel the need for hot food and it's too cold to go downstairs and cook in the verandah at -10°C, and when I want to boil some coffee last thing at night and put it in a flask so I have hot coffee in my room first thing in the morning, I can see a lot of benefit in this new stove and its oven. I'm hoping to have my money's worth out of it.

The pot-bellied stove isn't going to be lost, though. I have a cunning plan for that, more of which anon.

I also managed to fit a swim in this afternoon. And it was perishing freezing in there again. Even the Polar Bears were complaining. I'm going to have to give the piscine at Neris a missof it carries on like this.


  1. I dunno what your cunning plan is, but heating your downstairs work area and venting it out a window with a circular cutout in some aluminium sheet is what I'd suggest. It would save you freezing your nom de plumes off and it would be right where you could keep it fed with scraps of wood too.

  2. They have already frozen off a long time ago, Krys. Heat is assured for the work areaby the way, but my cunning plan is a good one