Saturday, October 29, 2011

How long is it

since I took a pic from the birdwatching platform near where Liz and Terry live?

  I was out there early (well, early for me anyway) this morning and in the damp and warm (well, warm for this time of year) the mist was rising out of all the hollows and it didn't half look impressive.

Anyway, I picked Liz up and we went to Gerzat for the Radio Arverne sessions. We were there for just after 10:00 and so we went for a walk around the town for 20 minutes before Bernard turned up.

It took just over an hour to record the four sessions today - even though Bernard was rather ... errr ... confused and disorientated. He just now has rather a lot of editing to do.

Back at Liz and Terry's, Terry and I had quite a long chat about things and then I came back here.

It was raining of course after lunch and so in a change of plan I've done a huge amount of tidying up on the ground floor and the first floor and it actually looks like something now to a certain degree. I've also done some tidying up outside and that has helped, especially as the vegetation is now dying down for winter and some lost articles are now coming into view.

And tidying up as well. How about that? And to tell you the truth I would have been tidying up this afternoon even if the weather had been absolutely gorgeous because there is a cunning plan looming in the background.

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