Friday, October 28, 2011

The weather changed today ...

...and what was annoying was that it happened while I was up a ladder pointing the stone work. I'd done quite a bit too and I was making good progress when the heavens opened on me. There was nothing for it but to put everything away and put the tarps back over. And by the time I had done that the rain had eased off.

I wasn't going to undo everything and go back up the wall as it was getting late and the light was starting to go, and so I did some more on the struts that I'll be using to make the stairs in the lean to. I'm well advanced into those and a day with rain might see them installed, although I'm not actually wishing for rain, of course. I have far too much work to do outside.

This morning I carried on with the website. I've left Cap-de-la-Madeleine and now I'm along Highway 138 heading for Quebec City. There's no doubt that Highway 138, the chemin du roy, is the most beautiful road in Canada.

And that's really all I've done today. Not very exciting is it? But if I remember to wake up tomorrow we are recording Radio Arverne. That's exciting

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