Thursday, October 20, 2011

There's something really so satisfying ...

... about finishing a job that you started. And seeing as I started on this back in 2002 (well, sort-of, although I didn't really get going until last summer), it's high time as well.

Yes, I've finally topped out the wall at the end of the lean-to, as you can see in the pic. It took about three buckets full of stones,2 buckets full of gravel and about 4 buckets full of lime mortar, as well as about 3 hours of work. Mind you, I've picked up an enormous lime burn on my left thumb and it isn't half painful. I've tried soaking it in water but it still hurts.

So when I finished the cementing I tidied up in there and that's a first isn't it? And then I went down the garden and found one of the sheets of corrugated iron and put that on over where I've been working, to keep the rain off because we've had 15.5mm of that today. And I have to say it - I spent 10 minutes just looking at the wall. I'm really impressed with how it came out and, of course, we'll have an earthquake tomorrow - wait and see.

As for the weather, well it's rained on and off for most of the day and the temperature has plummeted. It's just 3.7 °C outside right now. Apparently it's snowing in Germany and snow has also been seen in Scotland and on high ground in the North of England. This is early and I don't quite like the sound of it.  

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