Friday, October 21, 2011

I thought that you might ...

... like to see a photo of inside the lean-to now that the wall is finished for now. As I have said before,I'm quite impressed with it. The part that I have built up is the part that has been pointed. The unpointed part is what remained after it fell down, and that will be pointed in early course. It depends how the weather holds out after I finish the house wall (yes, that's the next task).

In fact,it occurs to me that the best way to judge how much work that I've done on the wall is to look at this photo to see what it looked like last year before I started in earnest.

So this morning I started on the web site again but not for long as Terry came round. He'd been working at Lieneke's. It's nice to see good friends and have a good chat about this and that, for a change.

This afternoon, I packed up an export order of bits and pieces - yes folks, my first export order. How about that? We are making progress all the time, which is very nice to see, and very welcome too. and once that was dealt with, seeing as how the weather wasn't so good, I've started breaking the concrete food trough in the ground floor of the lean-to, as that's where the wall that will support the steps will be. Mind you, the steps won't be there for long as I have a cunning plan about that. But the concrete is tough there - it's reinforced and armour-plated by the looks of things. I've broken the shafts on two sledgehammers, flattened two batteries on the SDS drill, and chipped about a hatful off with the pick-axe. I'm on the lookout for some dynamite now.

As for the frog that I told you about the other night, well thanks to Krys (and how nice it is to see you again), the frog now has steps in and out of the plant trough. He'll probably fall in somewhere else now.  1

And the temperature? 1.8°C at the moment. Winter is acumen in. Lhude sing Rudolph


  1. It's not that I haven't been reading, just that the website was blocking me from adding comments. It wouldn't take a googlemail email address. I finally got a gmail address to work. Nice to see the progress you've made on the shed. Will it be a storage area when you've done?

  2. Remember 75 parts sugar, 15 parts chicken poo and 10 parts iron oxide will go together to make a form of gunpowder which should be gone-powder regarding your concrete trough.

  3. The ground floor will be divided into two - the front half will be a washroom and the rear half will be for storage. Upstairs will also be for storage and also I have ... errr ... other plans for up there but more of this in due course, Krys ;-)

    And I'll take up that idea of gunpowder, although powdered aluminium is much more efficaceous, Rhys.

  4. powdered aluminium mixed with magnesium and iron filings is what the use to weld railway line. its hot but not much expansion. better to use gunpowder.

  5. Will you need to put in a doorway from the house for your washroom or is there one there already?

  6. There used to be a door through, so it seems, but it's been filled in and I don't really propose to reopen it. I shall just go round via the outside and in through the front.

    But I do have a cunning plan, more of which anon.