Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today was a quiet day ....

... or at least it should have been. But Terry and Rob came round to fix Lieneke's barn and no-one can sleep through that kind of noise.

But what about last night,hey? Temperature plummeted to -1.9°C. A minus temperature - winter is flaming well here, right enough. I'm even contemplating lighting a fire shortlty

However, never mind that for a moment - three hours and more on the computer and my visit to Trois Rivieres is well-advanced. Trois-Rivieres is on the north bank of the St Lawrence between Montreal and Quebec. It's the oldest industrial site in North America and the newsprint capital of the world and all of my visits to the area have been overwhelmed by the smell of wet paper from the pulp mills so I've always kept well clear. 

This year though I found myself in the town and my opinions of the place rapidly changed. The town seeps history from almost every pore and I've completely changed my opinion about the place.

This afternoon I had to wait for Terry to move his van before I could get out to the post office and post that parcel. And I fell through the floor when I found out the price. I bet that it's cheaper to fly  to Canada and deliver it by hand. It makes excess baggage charges look a bargain.

To the bank after that to sort out a few financial details, and then to Bill's to fix his computer again.

This evening it's POETS day of course and so I finished early - spending half an hour or so sorting some papers that date back to 2004. And there's so many of them that it's going to take a while.

Tomorrow it's shopping and as I have so much to do it's going to be a St Eloy quick half hour-type of shopping. But the washing is building up here and so I might visit the local launderette and sort it out.

But I'm notreally looking forward to tomorrow. I've finished all of my stock of Canadian vegan cheese slices and that is a catastrophe.

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