Sunday, October 23, 2011

And this must be a new record.

I went to St Eloy this afternoon, rather late as it happened, and put my washing in the launderette seeing as there was quite a pile that had built up. Anyway,once the machine had set off, it announced that the cycle would take 40 minutes to do.

And by the time the 40 minutes was up, I'd been to LIDL and Carrefour and I was back in the launderette. And for what I had spent on the week's shopping, I had change back from €9:00 as well. Now, as I say, this must be a new record.

But my new plan is that seeing as I have quite a lot of work to do these days, I'm going to be doing the radio programmes on Saturday morning and then shopping in St Eloy when I've finished. And that seems to be working anyway because in 3 hours of work I'd done all four programmes. Yes,I reckon that if I don't go shopping until I've finished, it's a good spur.

This evening the 3rdXI match at Pionsat was cancelled as the opposition couldn't raise a team. Instead,I went and watched the 1st half of the match at Marcillat. Although the Marcillat team play at nominally1 level higher in the pyramid (they are in a different region) Pionsat's ist XI wouldn't have too much trouble in despatching them on a good day.

And talking of good days, Pionsat's 1st XI played one of the numerous teams from Clermont this evening. They weren't under too much pressure except down the left side of defence as usual and that was where they conceded a goal. But a substitution in the second half with a new player in the team shored that side up. The central defence played splendidly with Alex and Julien in there - and Julien has improved immeasurably this season, but with Cedric scoring early in the game and this new left-sided player scoring a second, following up a loose ball (and if he can play like this every week he'll prove to be an excellent signing), as well as two or three goals disallowed, Pionsat were never really in difficulty andwon with something to spare.

But the end of the game was rather ugly as the opposition lost their cool and we had a brawl near the end and another one after the final whistle and it was all unnecessary.

And then afterwards we had the draw for the league cup quarter-final. And Pionsat drew .... the team that had just played this evening. This should be quite some match.   

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