Monday, October 24, 2011

Today I have seen ....

... the worst game of football that I have ever seen in my life. US Menetrol were such a poor side that they could only manage to score four goals against the disorganised rabble that was supposed to be the Pionsat 2nd XI.

There were three types of player on the field for Pionsat this afternoon - those with skill but no inclination, those with inclination and no skill, and those with neither. If I had been in charge of the team, I would have gone home with the bus and left them to walk home. And that was the problem - there was no-one in charge. And whoever it was who was supposed to be giving the orders was giving some pretty strange ones, that's for sure. It really was an absolute shambles. I shan't say any more about it as it will be just gratuitous.

On the way down to Methanol, I had the misfortune to be behind heaps of those kinds of drivers who think that 90kph is 70, 70 kph is 50, and 50 kph means that you get out and push. That started me off on the wrong foot anyway.

Afterwards, I went round to Liz and Terry's to discuss the radio programmes, but we seemed to have spent most of the time dealing with lost hunting dogs. Terry has very kindly lent me a concrete-cutting disc and a huge sledgehammer to remove this cattle trough, and Liz, apart from cooking a gorgeous tea, has made me up a food parcel. That is really lovely.

So tomorrow, I shall be removing cattle troughs and then carrying on with the pointing of the house wall. We are told that the fine weather will last until Wednesday.

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