Monday, October 24, 2011

And just what on earth is happening here?

Yes, it's absolutely ages before midnight and here I am blogging already. What on earth is going on? The fact is that I'm absolutely whacked. Three nights without much sleep have finished me off and I shall be in the arms of Morpheus before much longer. But I dunno why I'm having these sleep issues. I know that I habitually keep late hours but what has been going on just recently is absurd.

This afternoon I carried on with moving the cattle trough in the lean-to. Here is a photo of how it looked after I'd been bashing away at it for an hour or two the other week. What it looks like now is something else completely thanks to Terry lending me a concrete cutting disk and a huge sledgehammer. It's made quite short work of the bit that I can get to, and the rest of it will have to be done when Ican get to it.

I did say that once I'd done that I would be starting on the pointing of the wall,but I'm afraid that that didn't happen. We've had a howling gale here today with winds gusting up to 20mph. I know that that isn't particularly fast but it's not the kind of weather for standing on top of a ladder 10 metres or so above ground. According to one of the litttle-used functions on the anenometer, we had 20:42 hours of wind in the last 24 hours and that is quite phenomenal. The wind turbines have been earning their keep today.

What I did do was to make a start on the framework that I'll be using to make the dividing wall in there. That involved cutting up a few chevrons and shaping them,and cutting lets into the rafters of the ceiling in the lean-to. And while I was doing that, the wind dramatically dropped. Not for me to go and get the ladder out though, because we had a torrential downpour and it's still raining now. I did some tidying up and sorting out until knocking off time at 19:00 (I'm still on summer hours).

Seeing as I'm still on summer hours, this morning I was working on the website and I've put on line the reports for the 1st XI and 2nd XI matches from this weekend. But Saturday night's photos haven't worked at all and I'm going to have to spend money on a decent lens totake better photos in the dark..

Tomorrow Liz and I are radioing, at Radio Tartasse. I wonder if I will have woken up by then.

Good night, everybody.

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