Friday, October 7, 2011

This confrontational thing ...

... didn't quite come off. One of the guys was over half an hour late, but that was nothing. The others were 2:40 late!

The first guy has been working for the company since 2008. Before that he was making jewellery with his father for tourists on a beach in the Caribbean. He very kindly explained how this project works, and this has explained absolutely everything to me about how this scam works. For scam it is, make no mistake.

For installing solar panels on my roof, The charge is €24000!!!!!!! However I'm entitled to a government grant of 27% (about €6400) and this I have to pay to the company. And so I asked the salesman what I got for my money and so he told me, and I did a quick costing on this and the sum came to .... errrrr .... €6400 give or take a little. 

For the rest, you pay €180 per month until the balance is paid off, which according to my calculations was just under7.5 years even though they insisted that it was nearer 8.5 years. Apparently you pay the €180 from your income from the Electricity Board's payment to you, and so I asked what would happen if there was a shortfall. The answer for that, dear reader, was not forthcoming.

Anyway, he was turfed out and I had to wait around until 16:40 for the other people who were supposed to be here at 14:00 .

They turned up eventually and told me "sorry we are late but we had to go round to see farmer someone and he needs 7Kw of panels". Following on from that, they tried to insist that my barn orients towards thr south east (it's actually about 5 degrees south of east) and how good it would be for solar panels - which is nonsense because the sun goes off there at about 14:30.

Anyway they were sent packing as well and I could carry on with my wall. But not for long though as it started to rain. That meant working inside and there's plenty to do. I actually did some tidying up in the lean-to underneath where Im working. And it needs it too.

Anyway the day wasn't wasted what with these persons coming round. It got me to tidy up my room and also to tidy up the lean-to.

And the summer has gone. I have all the windows closed and a jumper on. I don't like this at all.

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