Thursday, October 6, 2011

I didn't quite manage ...

... the early start this morning. It was in fact 10:20 when I roused myself from the heaving pit but then again, I was still up working last night at 02:30. No danger of that tonight though - I've already crashed out twice and I'll be off to bed in a second.

So having breakfasted, I carried on with the match report from Sunday and that's now on line. All 48mb of it - I can't half write some rubbish when I'm in the mood. But I'm going to have to make much more of an effort to keep it all up-to-date this season and not let it slide.

After lunch, I attacked the second part of the wall on the lean-to. And I've cheated as well while building it up. It looks like a stone wall, that's for sure. But it's only the outer surfaces that are in stone, and then not very much of it either. I'm just building up the front and the back of the wall with large flat stones laid on their edges, and then pouring a weak lightweight concrete mixture down in between them as a filler. That way, it can be done quickly, simply and effectively.  In fact I've made quite a bit of progress - much more than I thought that I would. And I would have made even more had I not leant a little too far over and knocked a large part of my wall into the next field.

What was surprising though was how carried away I was by it all. The only reason that I stopped was that it went dark - 19:25 when I finished and it's a long time since I've been so enthusiastic about what I've been doing.

Other exciting developments today were that I had no less than FIVE phone calls in the period between 10:30 and 12:00. The result of some of those is that I have not one but TWO companies sending representatives to see me - and at the same time too - to convince me to have solar panels on my roof. I hate these coldcalling telephone salesmen and I fight back.

But it does mean that I have to spend tomorrow morning tidying up for a change. Neitzsche famously said that "out of chaos comes order" - but of course he never came to visit me and my living accommodation, did he?

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