Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I've been doing real work today

I've been working on the back wall of the downhill-side lean-to this afternoon. As you know, some of it fell down ages ago and last summer I used the leftovers in the cement mixer, when we were working at Lieneke's, to start to build it up again.

Today though, I built up the remainder of the rear half of the wall and now that's more-or-less finished. Not without some issues though - not the least of which was trying to find the outer demi-chevron, that had fallen off the wall sometime while I was in Canada. That eventually came to light in a pile of brambles.

I've even pointed part of the inner side of the wall to use up all of the mortar that was left. That means that tomorrow afternoon I can make a start on the front half of the wall and that's not going to be easy because there is quite a bit of that missing. That's going to be quite a bit of work to put that right.

This morning,I was up at some kind of respectable hour which was just as well as we were a-radioing at Marcillat for Radio Tartasse. We're still doing "autoentrpreneurs" with them but we shall be moving on shortly to talk about other things.

I've also almost-finished my match report for the footy on Sunday and I hope that I'll have that on-line tomorrow.

As an aside, we had stormclouds gathering today over here - first clouds I've seen for ages. It almost rained as well and that would have been a surprise - I can't remember the last time it rained here. What an Indian summer!

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