Friday, November 4, 2011

God, it was hard this morning ...

... to get out of bed. I was aching in places I didn't even realise I had places after the exertions of yesterday. The sections of scaffolding are quite heavy and carrying them up ladders and manhandling scaffolding planks into position is strenuous work, especially at my age. Still, if it's hurting then it must be doing some good.

Once everything was sorted out around here I had a set-to with the pointing on the side wall. And isn't it easier doing it from a scaffolding than from a ladder? If I had had a scaffolding up here from the start I would have finished it long ago.

And you are probably wondering why it is that the pointing that I did today hasn't joined up with the pointing from before. That's easy to explain. When you assemble the scaffolding you need to have the planks set at 2-metre heights so that you can have something solid to stand on while you fit the one above,and then climb up to that one to do the next one above, and so on. And then when you have assembled your scaffolding you can reposition the planks at the height that you want for working. 

That was in fact going to be the first job this morning, but with winds gusting up to 40kph throughout the day and the wind turbines going round like there was no tomorrow, this was not the time to be manipulating heavy scaffolding planks while standing on a ladder 8 metres up. That can wait until the wind drops. There's plenty of wall to go at and so I can pick a part at a safe working height from an existing plank and point that bit.

And so it's definitely easier working from a scaffolding, especially in a gale-force wind. And the wind was so strong that it's blown down my wooden fence. That gives you an idea as to what we were going through. But I was enjoying myself on the scaffolding and I was surprised when it suddenly went dark. "A rainstorm approaching" I thought, but in actual fact it was knocking-off time. The day passed really quickly.

We did have the rainstorm as well. 19mm in two hours and it's still raining now. I hope it dries up for tomorrow as I'm itching to get back to work. I want to have this wall finished.

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