Saturday, November 5, 2011

There won't be a photo today

That's because I did nothing of any importance  -well, as far as visually goes.

This morning was a computer morning, even though I'm on winter hours. Someone has asked for a quote for a solar panel installation and I needed to track down some product. One thing led to another and I was all morning doing things like this.

Later on I managed to make my way outside. First job was to reposition the planks to the correct working position. And then I spent a delightful few hours chiselling out the old mortar.

It was only after that that I could start on the pointing. And Ididn't getmuch of it done. Each time I was up the scaffolding with a bucket of mix the heavens opened. And by the time I was back down soaked to the skin and with an empty bucket and covered up the lean-to, the rain would stop. And so I would start again and then so would the weather. This kept on until about 16:00 when the heavens truly opened. By 22:00 we had had 25.5mm and it was still coming.

But the advantage of having plenty to do is that I could go and work indoors. I've now measured in the beam in the lean-to where I want the studding to go for the stair rails for the inside and I've cut the lets. And so on Monday when I start back I can either start on the wind turbine, carry on with the pointing or finish off the stud walls and stair rails in the lean-to.

That wasn't everything either. I'll have to go to the UK soon as a client wants a huge load of electronic items that are only available from Radio Spares. 

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