Thursday, November 17, 2011

Have a close look at this photo ...

... and see if you can spot where the Gorge de la Sioule might be.

It's one thing I like about going out to Liz and Terry's early in the morning - the fact that they live right on the edge of the gorge. And because the gorge is so deep and so steep the sun can't shine into it until it has well-risen. That means that the surrounding ground is quite warm whereas at the bottom of the gorge the air is quite cold and damp. And when the sun is high enough to enter the gorge it dramatically heats the cold damp air and you have clouds of condensation rising up from the gorge quite spectacularly.

Liz had to do some kind of newspaper interview the other week, in which she described the Combrailles as "The Land That Time Forgot", and you can see clearly exactly what she means by that.

And so today Terry and I bricked up one of the doorways (their house is two small cottages knocked into one) and fitted the window in the upper half, and then fitted the new door in the other doorway. And it wasn't as straight-forward as you might think either. The old doors had been made-to-measure for the doorways and of course, as we discovered as we were trying to fit everything, the door openings were not built straight. That was a complication we didn't need.

Fitting the door was exciting though. We spent 10 minutes trying to make it seat on the hinge pins,and you've no ideahow easily it fitted when we took out the wedge that was trapped underneath it. And we also spent half an hour trying everything that we could to make the door close and you've no idea how well it closed when we took the packing strip out of the aluminium closing tray.

Ahhh well.

Anyway,tomorrow I'll be fitting the wind turbine if the weather holds, and now that I have my diamond core drills, I'll be drilling from the house through into the leanto and running cables there. If I'm not careful,I might even have light and power in there tomorrow night.

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