Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've made great progress ...

... today with the mount for the wind turbine. You can't see it easily on the pic - you need to look carefully and you will see above and below the window the horizontal beams that will stand the vertical pole the required distance off the wall.

And if you look behind the ladder you can see the vertical upright - to the left of the yellow scaffolding pole.

It's about 1 metre above the roof line and so what I've done is to cut a 1-metre length of pipe and I'll be fastening the wind turbine to that. I have a special jointing piece for scaffolding pipe and so I can fit the two pipes together. That will give me a 2-metre height and I'll see if I can slide the whole lot even higher.

The pole slides down easily enough - I have the squidged right hand to prove that - and so it should move up easily, or at least comparatively easily if I can manage the weight because it's going to be quite something, the weight of it all, and I need all of the height that I can get.    

My revised arrangements for mounting it all worked a treat and to fasten the wall anchors into the wall securely I've been driving them into the wall using a little something that I invented, based on a heavy washer, a couple of 17mm nuts, a deep 17mm socket and a lump hammer and that works a treat. MInd you, it was all awkward to manipulate because it was so heavy and I had to manoeuvre in in three planes. And I'm disappointed with this so-called super cement stuff.

Another thing that I found out today was that standard sizes in French pipe are different from standard UK sizes. And that's awkward because French sizes are larger than UK sizes and I have all UK fittings. I'll have to sort out some more pipe next time I go back the the UK.

Tomorrow I'm not going to be here. I'm round at Terry's helping him fit his new door and window.

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