Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's not as easy as you think ...

... putting up this wind turbine and despite a good day's work I've hardly scratched the surface of it.

First job was to reposition all of the planks on the scaffolding so that they are where I want them to be, and then to put the ladder where it should be as well. And that wasn't the work of five minutes either.

After that it was to cut up a scaffolding pole to make the horizontal battens on the wall. There's an overhang on the roof of about 70mms and so I'm having to invent something to stand the upright pole 70mms out of the wall and that's not easy.

Next task was to drill the holes for the mounting brackets to take the horizontal battens. And with the hard stone that we have around here this was playing havoc with the batteries on the Hitachi battery-powered SDS drill.

And then I had an idea.

I have a mains SDS drill - about 750 watts-worth but it's pretty lightweight and not any better than the Hitachi. That's always been down here but back in Brussels a few years ago I recalled buying a really heavy-duty 1050 watt SDS drill - with rotostop and everything. And that would make short work of drilling the holes.

And so I had to hunt that down somewhere around the house or the barn and eventually, much to my surprise, I uncovered it.. And then it was to wire in the 1500-watt mega-inverter that I bought for the barn. And then it was to trail an electrical cable all around the farm. And then look for an adapter because the drill is still wired to a European plug.

But now you see why it's taking me so long.

But once I was up and running, that drill went through the stone like a hot knife through butter.

After much manipulation I have one of the horizontal battens on now, and that cement mastic stuff is excellent. But I'm going to have to take it off because I've thought of an improvement and I shall be doing that tomorrow. What with having to manipulate the heavy upright pole (and that wasn't easy either) I was exhausted and in any case heaving heavy pipes around 10 metres up in the air by the light of a torch is not recommended.

We talked the other day about the film Tony Rome. Now that film is from the mid-60s and one of the things that was going through my mind was "is this the earliest 'mainstream' film to have a reasonably-explicit lesbian love scene in it?" I spent all afternoon trying to think if there was one any earlier than this but nothing came to mind.

Secondly, I was watching an episode of The Prisoner this morning at breakfast - "It's Your Funeral" - and one of the actresses in it caught my ear. And I mean that too because while I didn't recognise the face, the voice was ringing in my ears telling me something.

And it wasn't until much later that the penny dropped. It was no one other than Annette Andre, which might mean nothing to you but her most famous role was as Philia, Michael Crawford's sidekick in the film version of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum a film which, although excellent in its own right, was notorious for dropping Frankie Howerd from the lead role in favour of the dreadful Zero Mostel and featuring a cameo of Buster Keaton, two things done simply so that the film would have a wider audience in the USA. 

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  1. Never mind about all that - are you still impressed by your galvanised steel dustbin?