Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well, that's that!

Yes, I've finished the wall today. And about time too. Mind you it's just as well because the weather is going to change on Wednesday so we are told, and we can expect rain. So at least that's 36 hours or so for the chalk to set and to harden before the rain gets to it. Of course with the rain it means that it isn't going to freeze any time soon, and that's good news too as it gives even more time to cure before anything serious can attack it. It seems that I've finished just in time

Mind you, it was awkward up the ladder doing this last bit and it's made me realise just what a good idea it was to buy this scaffolding. A very good move, that.

There was some mortar left over too and so for that I did some work on the inside of the rear wall. And that was interesting too because I was still out there at 18:30 with a torch working on that - not like me, considering that we are on winter hours.

It was pretty tiring up there too and I didn't really feel like going to the Anglo-French Group meeting but I managed to tear myself off the sofa and go down to St Gervais.

Tomorrow I'll be putting up the wind turbine - not something that I'm looking forward to doing on my own but it won't get done on its own no matter how long I stare at it. And when it's done, I can move the scaffolding out of the lean-to and put it at the side, ready to start on the roofing of it.

Isn't this all progress?


  1. It is indeed! A well deserved pat on the back is in order methinks. Do be careful with the turbine though. waiting until you can get help is better than either falling or dropping the turbine. Slower, but better.

  2. The trouble is, Krys, that if I am doing something complicated, difficult or expensive, I don't get help, I get spectators