Monday, November 14, 2011

I don't think that I will be seeing the wild boar again.

The farmer came down this morning to bring his cows to the field behind the house. He went for a walk around and he must have seen the wild boar tracks because half an hour later the hunters arrived.

I was once at a meeting where I heard a hunter describe hunting as "a noble sport". I've no idea what is noble or sporting about 20 armed men ringing a  thicket, sending a bunch of dogs in to flush out everything that is in there and then blasting it into oblivion as it comes fleeing out.It's all really sad and pathetic if you ask me.

This afternoon I went to Loubeyrat to watch the 2nd XI and although they lost 3-0 they were desperately unlucky here. Two free kicks and a defensive howler were responsible for the goals but apart from that they did really well and this was probably the best I've seen them play. They even managed to have a good shape that they kept throughout the match. It's a shame that they can't play like that every week.

Back here this evening I watched one of the videos that I had bought in Montlucon for a couple of Euros the other day. This was a Frank Sinatra film called Tony Rome and not only does Sinatra not sing in it (for which I am extremely grateful) he acts spectacularly well in his role as a private detective in Miami. If you know any of the Philip Marlowe films, then think of Humphrey Go-kart in The Big Sleep, bring it up to date by 20 years, film it in technicolour with good outdoor scenery and give it some meaningful and convincing co-stars and there you are.

It's easily the best film that I have bought for quite a while and it will be one that will feature on my regular playlist. There was a follow-up of it called The Lady In Cement and while it is very very rare for a follow-up to be anything like as good as the original, I shall be trying to track down a copy of that. But it really was a good film.

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