Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm going to bed in a second.

Yes, I'm thoroughly exhausted and I don't know why. Probably the early start this morning had something to do with it. Up with the alarm waiting for a phone call for this photo safari thing, and it turns out that I had not been patched in to an earlier e-mail circular and so I'd missed the point of this trip out. But anyway it didn't take us long to do what it was that we had to do.

This afternoon, seeing as how the weather was so beautiful I went to Commentry to do my shopping there. I was buzzed by one of these motorised hang-glider things, and I noticed another example of poorly-sighted solar panels. These "become a producer of solar energy and sell to the electricity board" high-pressure salesmen have struck again. It's hardly surprising that the industry has such a bad name.

I did make a couple of interesting discoveries though. And they were both at Bricomarche. Firstly they have a huge pile of water-resistant 8mm plywood at €39 a sheet of 2.5x1.25 metres. It's expensive all right but it's what I need for the roof of the lean-to and they do have it in stock.

Secondly, they also have the stove that I want for downstairs. A woodstove with an oven and with a central heating boiler built in - for €1499 too. That's exactly what I want for the sun will heat the water in the summer and I need something for heating it in the winter. If this does everything that will be perfect. I can even do cooking with it as well.

But the real reason for going to Commentry was with the waether so nice I went off to Neris for a swim. It was glorious in there - the water just right and the pool quite warm as well. Shame it can't be like that all the time.   

At the footy tonight the 3rd XI match was cancelled as the opposition couldn't raise a team, and the first XI went down 2-1 to a team that they had played off the park.

But enough of this for now. I've fallen asleep twice already while typing this, and if I don't get a move on I'll be ........


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