Saturday, November 12, 2011

I completely forgot ...

... about a sack of sand that I had in the barn. I'd bought it to use for storing the carrots and so I had put it on one side. But the carrots aren't up yet and I can always buy another sack of sand another time.

I hadn't forgotten that it was a bank holiday today, but when I finally crawled out from underneath the quilt and saw what a gorgeous day it was (23°C in November?) then I changed the habits of a lifetime and decided to put in a day's work on the wall. This was too good to miss, especially as I had remembered about the sack of sand.

And I'm glad I did as well because even though I was still working outside when the light went, I managed to finish the wall as far as I could reach and I'm ever so impressed by that. All that remains of the wall is the bit that I can't reach from the scaffolding, and for that I can put a ladder up on Monday and quickly do that if I get a move on, and then that will be that.

Just the wind turbine to mount, and to anchor it to the wall, and then I can get on with putting the roof on the lean-to and I'll be really pleased if I can get that far this year.

I took the camera up the scaffolding just in case we had Part Two of Wild Boar Wars but of course, with the camera on hand, they were conspicuous by their absence. No surprise there, then.

Tomorrow I'm off on a photo safari around the local area, and then shopping in St Eloy. Tomorrow night it's Pionsat's 1st XI against Methanol and the 3rd XI against Blot l'Eglise. Ohh the joys of footy!

Talking of which, you can see last week's matches which I have now put on line.

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